Words Of Motivation For Dealing With Cancer Emotionally


Hi everyone.

If you are fighting cancer or someone very close to a cancer patient, this is for you. We know that the journey is very tough, full of ups and downs, and a huge emotional turmoil. It tests you to the core, challenges you physically and mentally, and gives you goosebumps. It tests your patience and resilience, you may even get nightmares. It may be the hardest thing and the most difficult experience in your life. Howsoever strong you may be, it may break you down. And if that is not enough, the thought of your family may dismantle you.

OK. That is all it can do. YES, just that.


Cancer cannot touch your mind, heart and soul. If you don’t let it, it may not even be able to stumble you by an inch.

All the things that we perceive as experiences in our life are the result of our perception of external stimuli by our sense organs.

So, when every experience comes from our own perception, we can modify it by altering our inner environment, our understanding, and our knowledge.

“Cancer may disable me physically, but it cannot touch my mind, heart, and soul”

Build an inner architecture of your mind, heart and soul so strong that no experience of life, howsoever bad it may be, could shake you.

That you welcome all adversities of life with a smile on your face and faith in your heart. Become the strongest ever person you have known in your life.

Just a belief that you can do it, gives you the courage to do so.

People have done it, so can you. Have faith and keep trying.

“Strongest of winds and fiercest of waves could not shake me. I still stand tall with dignity”

When you make up your mind, divert your inner energies, and gather the strength to fight anything that comes your way, when you welcome all challenges that life throws at you with open arms, you become invincible.

Never stop believing in yourself, and you will definitely find a way out.

“Howsoever hard you may try to stop I will find my way”

Be courageous. Be a fighter. Believe in yourself. Have trust, it is all worth it.

Because once you emerge victorious, you are a completely new version of your own self. You yourself would not believe that you had so much strength in you.

Whole perspective of life would change and new doors will open, new experiences await, and everything is a pure bliss.

You will definitely find the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

“To see the BRIGHTEST moment in my life, I had to go through the DARKEST”

In the journey, you may get physically, mentally and emotionally wounded, tired and fatigued.

But despite all odds, you have to keep trying your best to break the shackles of negativity, hopelessness and despair.

You have to keep your spirits high that nothing can stop you, not even you yourself.

Because the biggest battles ever fought in the world are with our own selves.

“Yes, I am bit tired, but I have not given up. I will run till I can walk, and I will walk till I can crawl”

Even if you fall or get broken in the journey, you have to gather courage to get up again, fight again, and win over and over again.

Each time you get up, you will become stronger than your past self.

“I got broken into million pieces, only to rebuild myself and comeback stronger”

In search for bigger things in life, we tend to forget that happiness comes from little things, things that are priceless.

Harsh realities and tortuosities of life make us realise their value.

“Darkest moment of my life have taught me the value of little things.”

So, never forget to live those moments, moments that are priceless, and may not last forever.

Do everything you can to bring happiness to your loved ones. As they will be standing by your side and support you when the terrain gets rough, and will pick you up if you fall.

Love unconditionally, live joyfully, nobody lasts here forever.

“You stood as a rock in my difficult times, I will stand as mountains in yours”

You have two options – either live your life feeling sad or depressed that why did it happen to you, or feeling grateful that you got an opportunity to grow out of your fears and expand your horizons.

An opportunity to do what you ever wanted to do, love how you ever wanted to love, and live how you ever wanted to live.

“Make the PURPOSE of your life so big, that all the scars appear small”

Spend your life with so much exuberance and positivity that you set an example.

For those who have faced their deepest fears successfully, emerge strongest and shine brightest.

“SCARRED souls SHINE brighter”


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