Uterine Cancer Survivor Says Give It All That You’Ve Got To Fight Cancer

Uterine Cancer Survivor

“This is not really a quote but probably more of a valuable life lesson I learnt through this journey. You’ve got to be grateful for having options. Whether it’s cancer, a bad relationship, a job you hate, be grateful that you have options to make changes in your life to better your health and well-being. Because once you run out of options and don’t have any more avenues to turn to, you’re pretty much screwed.”

Anita was diagnosed with uterine cancer in December 2016. She has now defeated the disease and lives a healthy life.

The Diagnosis

“December 2016. I was diagnosed after I decided to go to the doctors to get follow up on something (that wasn’t alarming) but a bit off. Few weeks later they diagnosed with me cancer.”

The Journey

Uterine Cancer Survivor's Journey

“It’s been the hardest and most testing experience of my life. There’s nothing that can prepare you for the reality of having to deal with cancer. It’s also a journey that doesn’t have an expiration date. While you may be declared NED, cancer is life changing and even after everything, you still feel the effects, experience the emotions and deal with the consequences of having cancer.

Biggest Hindrance

“This isn’t something you can control unfortunately but other people’s reactions about your cancer, your sickness and treatment brought me down. A lot of people don’t know how to react to something like this and its only human nature to build a wall and keep you away at arm’s length. This was a period of my life where I needed others the most, it’s not something I could’ve ever fought on my own. Some people left, but the important ones stayed. That’s what matters.”

Motivation to fight cancer

“I honestly said to myself “what is your other option? To die?” I wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t going to let cancer be the end of me. A lot of people think I’m strong and courageous for taking on cancer. But I did what I think anyone else in my position would’ve done.”

Message to other Fighters

Message to other Fighters

“This is the biggest fight you’re ever going to face. Give it all that you’ve got. Drown out all the noise around you. Half the battle is mental and you need a strong mind to support a strong body to fight this.”



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