Stomach Cancer Survivor Stories


Stomach Cancer Survivor Is Now An Author

Stomach Cancer Survivor Is Now An Author
“You can’t control some of the things that happen in your life, but you can control the way you look at them.”

Lina Miranda was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2001. She has successfully defeated her disease. She is the author of “DNA Moments”.

The Diagnosis

Stomach Cancer Survivor's Journey
“2001, I was 21. After many visits to the ER for stomach pain, I was admitted overnight for a scope, as they wanted to rule out an ulcer. The scope found the tumor, and 2 weeks later I was in surgery and had 3/4 stomach removed. After surgery, I was staged as 3b.”
The Journey
“I was so young and cut off guard. Cancer does not run in my family at all. All my genetic testing came back negative. 18 years ago, being female with stomach cancer was not common, it was hard to be told that it was very uncommon what I had, and made me question the survival sometimes. The surgery and treatment were tough, the mental strain of having cancer is even tougher, your mind wants to go to dark places often and I had to fight to stay positive. Looking back though, having cancer was probably the best thing that could have happened to me, I transformed as a person, physically and mentally. I write about this transformation in my book DNA moments, pre-cancer Lina vs. Post Cancer Lina.”
Motivation to fight cancer
“Very simple: 3 things at the time. 1- I wanted to graduate university 2 – I wanted to get married 3- I wanted to be a mother. I had a 1 in 5 chance of survival and I believed that I was the 1.”
Biggest hindrance
“I don’t think I really had any major ones that are any different from anyone else with stomach cancer; but learning a new diet, learning to walk upright after surgery, fighting the incredible fatigue and nausea…..”
Message to other cancer patients
Message for cancer patients
“Surround yourself with positivity; and belief. Know that it will be hard, treatments are rough, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the other side will be a new you, a new life and a new appreciation for that life.”

Tedx Speaker Shares Her Motivational Cancer Survivor Story

stomach cancer survivor story
“I Know For Certain That God Does Not Make Mistakes, But He Does Make #Miracles.” I Am ONE! YOU Are too! Never lose the faith and hope. Miracle happens all the time. Just believe and go kill the demon with a swag”
Kalpana Chowdhary was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Now she has successfully defeated her disease. Despite all the hurdles that cancer put in her way but she hit back to work and continued to inspire others. She is a TEDx speaker and founder of Jan Seva foundation – Being The Change, represents India at UN (World Kabadi League) and politician with BJP. An inspiration indeed and being a HOPE to many, who are fighting different battles.
The Diagnosis
“Just can’t forget the date 13th Jan 2018. Had a severe pain and eventually got diagnosed. I just had a severe pain for good 3 months and took it very lightly. Never thought I would ever have to face this demon and fight it out. Any strange signal if the body gives, it’s time to take serious action. I was wise enough to go to another hospital and in span of 15 days, I got diagnosed. I told my doc, there is something more than just acute pain, and we went ahead with sonography and then endoscopy and PET scan. Eventually, I got to know about this. Take action. Prevention is definitely better than cure! People really, really need to take body signals very seriously and get a checkup every 6 months. With this kind of lifestyle in a digital world, we need to take action.”
The Journey
Kalpana Chowdhary - stomach cancer survivor
“‘I Know For Certain That God Does Not Make Mistakes, But He Does Make #Miracles.’ I Am ONE! YOU Are too! Today I Am Officially #CancerSurvivor. 5 minutes is how long it took to transform my life, and 3 words “You have cancer” changed my future forever! Fear did not exist in that moment, I found a purpose that day, mortality motivation, I got it at 40 years young and believe me that’s a blessing! Most people don’t get that till they are 60! I often felt like I had a surplus of time until I was faced with losing all of it at once & realized that it is the scarcest resource in the world. There is no time to waste. All fear of change, lost relationships, personal failure & self-doubt became irrelevant when facing death. If you want to do something, act on it today and if anything makes you unhappy change it. Protect your peace and do it NOW! If I have learned anything in my time throughout experiencing cancer, it is the power of hope! The power of a positive attitude! The power of love, and the power of kindness. Know that life is not fair & you will fail often. But if you step up when the times are the toughest, & never ever give up, I guarantee you that you’ll win! And remember, everything you’ve been through, is a setup for your next best season! And mine begins NOW!”
Motivation to fight cancer
“My Faith in God. Only God has right on us and he can do anything. Absolutely nothing but God! He can take so much and give back happiness, best health and peace of mind. Only he rules Us. Absolutely, My Faith in Arihant Prabhu and Ganpat Bappa. Of course my family, friends and well-wishers who motivated me and stood by me.”
The biggest hindrance
“Nothing at all. I knew No Matter What, I can pull it off with My God’s Grace And Blessings”
Message to other cancer patients
Kalpana Chowdhary - message to cancer patients
“Never, never lose hope, NO MATTER WHAT. There will be times when you feel like giving up, and that’s the moment you need to be brave and pull it off with a smile. Cancer is in your mind, nowhere else. There is NO CANCER AT ALL. Don’t don’t listen to people who will come with many stories and their own Gyan (knowledge). We have doctors and specialists and they have done immense R&D. Do what your doctor says. Never forget to pray, and be kind to yourself. This is the moment you need to think only about your health and yourself. F*** Rest all.”


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