7 Travel-Friendly Beauty Tips – Skincare In The Air!

eye care during travel

Everyone needs a good vacay now and then, and air travel makes it so easy. After all, it helps you reach your destination right on time and with absolute comfort. But, did you ever think how air travel treats your skin along the way? Well, to be honest, airplanes are not too kind on our skin.

Trapped in a confined place with recirculating air, lack of humidity and cabin pressure – all come together to make air travel anything but comfortable for your skin.It results in you entering a new destination with a skin that looks way too tired.

You can say goodbye to your tired skin even after a long journey following the awesome tips given below.

Usual Troubles People Face with Their Skin on Flights

When you travel via flights, some of the common problems that you face are:

  • Ultra-dry and dehydrated skin that constantly feels parched or patchy upon landing
  • Excessively oily skin with an increase in sebum production
  • Dull skin that looks like it has been stripped off all its natural healthy glow.
  • Sudden breakouts on the skin, with the appearance of zits and acne, if you have particularly sensitive skin
  • Puffy or bloated under eyes or prominent under-eye bags that were not there when you boarded the flight
  • Chapped and dry lips that feel even more parched if you have lipstick on

7 Tips for Skin Care During Travel

If any of the points mentioned above feel familiar to you, then don’t worry. You are not the only one facing issues like this on long-distance flights. There is nothing to stress out because there are seven tips up our sleeve that can help you out.

Do not forget to drink lots of water

One of the most common complaints that most flyers have is that their skin looks too dry after a flight. Let’s start by addressing this issue first. As you are well-aware, H2O is the key to having clear and hydrated skin. You remember to maintain the right water intake daily. Then why should you give up on that while you are on a flight?

The passengers on a plane take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. So, fresh air gets pumped in the cabin to ensure that everyone gets the oxygen they need to breathe easily. The humidity levels are drastically reduced due to the release of this fresh air inside the cabin constantly.

Keep a simple rule in mind about staying hydrated on a flight. Try to have at least a liter of water for every four hours that you are up in the sky. Fill the water bottle you’re carrying before you get up on the flight. Request the flight attendants for regular fill-ups as necessary. Do not always sit and call for the attendants. Even a bit of walking around the cabin will help with your circulation while traveling via flights.

Go for the no-makeup look for your flights

Maybe you do not leave the house ever without even the slightest makeup on. Understandably, you love makeup. But, you should never get on a plane with a full face of makeup. Flying can disrupt the moisture balance of your skin. Having makeup on a skin that is already dry is the recipe for instant zits and breakouts.

It is okay if you have forgotten to get the makeup removed beforehand. Just make sure you have micellar water and cotton pads in your bag to remove the makeup as soon as you board it.

Micellar water is a convenient thing to carry with you for makeup removal because it prevents your dry skin from getting too patchy and the oily skin from becoming too greasy.

It even balances out the skin’s pH levels, which is essential when you are up on a plane, and the dry air is wreaking havoc on your skin. You can try this idea if you don’t want to step into your destination with no makeup on. Remove the makeup with micellar water on the flight, and head for the airport bathroom after landing. You can reapply the makeup and the tanning lotion in the bathroom before heading out.

Try to get some shut-eye before your flight lands

Sometimes it becomes tough to sleep on flights. There are just too many sleep disruptors in the equation. A person keeps kicking your seat from the behind, the one sitting next to you has to continually get up, and a crying baby just doesn’t stop shouting.

Moreover, you are constantly thinking about the things you are going to do upon reaching your destination. Take a deep breath, relax, and get some shut-eye, especially if it’s a long-distance flight. Your skin will thank you for the rest by not becoming too puffy on arrival.

Here are a few tips to help you doze off on a flight:

  • Make sure you carry your neck pillow and noise blocking headphone when you’re going on a long haul flight.
  • Avoid scrolling on your screens before dozing off. The blue light from your device will trick your brain into thinking that it’s still not time to sleep.
  • Put on some calming music that relaxes your mind and keeps the worries away.
  • Put on a facemask to keep your skin hydrated while you are sleeping.

Once you have all of the things in order, wear your eye-mask and go off to sleep. Your skin will look fresh, and you will not have to deal with bags under your eyes on arrival.

Keep a check on what you eat and drink

Skincare is not all about putting the right products on and using the right brands. If you want to go the extra mile to make your skin look good on landing, you will also need to watch what you eat. And, this means saying no to oily and fried food and too much caffeine or alcohol.

Loading up on any of the foods mentioned above will make your skin feel bloated, which is not a good look for someone starting on vacation. Do not go overboard on the free drinks, be it alcohol, soda, or coffee. It will make your skin even more dehydrated and even prevent you from getting a peaceful sleep. The same thing applies to spicy, oily, or processed food.

If you are looking for a little bit of caffeine hit, ask for green tea. Choose healthy food items like cherries, Greek yogurt, low-fat cheese, bananas, oatmeal, and whole-wheat crackers to pacify yourself when you feel like snacking.

The good idea is to prepare and pack your food to take with you and eat while onboard. The less reliant you are on the packaged plane food, the better it is for you. You should even follow these healthy eating tips before getting up on a flight.

Give yourself a rejuvenating in-flight facial

First off, you have nothing to be shy about if you want to take a bit of extra care for your skin while you are on a flight. You are never going to come across the other travelers again, so you have nothing to worry about their glances.

It is time to fight the absence of fresh air with a rejuvenating facial. You can give yourself a nice facial with just the three steps given below.

  • Start with a face oil: Take a nourishing face oil with you, such as frankincense, jojoba, or geranium and apply it on your neck, décolleté, lips, and face.
  • Move on to the massage: Enhance the effectiveness of the oils with a good facial massage. Start with circular movements on your cheeks and massage upward and outward. Move towards your eyes gradually with gentle and long strokes.
  • Lock in the moisture: The final step of the process is to put on a leave-on facemask to lock in all the goodness of the face oil and revitalize your skin.

All of these oils have vitamins as well as fatty acids to deeply moisturize, protect, and condition your skin from oxidative stress and dehydration. Thus, you should keep using these face oils to maintain glowing skin and smooth out fine lines.

A quick facial is the easiest way to refresh your skin before landing. Don’t be surprised if the same fellow passengers ask you for tips later on!

rejuvenating in flight facial

Some TLC for your lips and under eyes

Though a couple of ideas about keeping the under eyes and lips looking fresh have already been shared in the previous pointers, here let’s focus our attention solely on these two areas. Let’s start with the eyes and address the common issue of getting puffy eyes or under-eye bags on the flight.

You should keep yourself hydrated, get enough sleep, and avoid oily snacks. But that’s not enough. You need a proper under-eye beauty routine to help you during those long hours on the plane.

You have two options here, and you can invest in either one of it:

  • Eye creams: Most eye creams aim to soften, nourish, and de-puff the area under the eyes to give them a radiant and healthy appearance. Choose the right quality product with vitamin C for added nourishment.
  • Eye gels: Eye gels are also a great idea because they come with hydrolyzed collagen, which is unbeatable for brightening the eyes and reducing puffiness. Make sure you get eye gels that come in a pack so that you don’t need to throw away individually wrapped plastics every time.

Moving on to the lips, in which case the common issue is dryness, chapping, and peeling skin. Lips tend to dry out faster because, unlike the skin, there are no oil or sweat glands on the lips to keep it moisturized.

The easiest lip care regime you can follow is to apply a lip balm at constant intervals and resist the urge to pull on the skin on your lips. Use a lip balm with natural ingredients for the best results.

Pro tip: Before the plane lands, put on a bright lip shade, such as red, pink, or orange. It will instantly light up your complexion and make you look fresh. Try this on your next trip for sure!

Invest in mini-products for your flights

Flights have restrictions on the luggage you can carry onboard. It makes no sense to put full-sized products inside your in-flight bags. That doesn’t mean you leave behind your beauty essentials when you are on a long-distance flight. You will just have to be smart about the things that you carry.

These days, you will find travel-sized products from most skincare brands. If you are a frequent flyer or someone going on a long-distance flight, it makes sense to invest in these mini-products. However, if you don’t want to invest in mini-products separately, then there is a solution for that as well.

Take small pouches or reusable containers, and transfer some of the product in it. Just transfer enough from your full-sized containers to have your skincare sorted during your flight hours. Make sure that the small pouch or container that you are using is clean and sterile before you start pouring a skincare product in it.


Now you know how to keep your skin looking great even after a long flight! It’s time to sit back and relax as you reach your destination, and the vacation begins.  Remember that even stressing about little things can be harsh on your skin because it leads to the release of excess cortisol hormone, which causes breakouts and also bloatedness.

The mantra is to stay calm, follow the tips mentioned above, enjoy your ride and have a superb holiday!


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