Treatment for Metastatic Stomach Cancer

Video Transcript:

Now we come to the treatment of metastatic disease.

It may present as metastasis to the liver or peritoneum or lungs, one or both the ovaries.

It may also present as pelvic deposits in rectovesical pouch or pouch of Douglas.

Or involvement of left supraclavicular lymph node, presenting as swelling in the left side of the neck.

Or as a nodule in the periumbilical region, called as Sister Mary Joesph module.

Very rarely, it may present as metastasis to brain or bones. In all these cases of metastatic disease, chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment.

But other modalities like surgery, radiation therapy or bone-directed therapy may be used for palliation or relief of symptoms.

Always remember that the treatment for metastatic disease is not generally curative, so the intent of the treatment is prolongation of life, reduction of symptoms and improvement of the quality of life.

So this brings us to the end of stomach cancer treatment.

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