Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Explained By CancerBro

Video Transcript:

CancerBro, what are the pancreas cancer symptoms?

The pancreatic cancer symptoms depend mainly on the site of the disease.

The most common site for pancreatic cancer is the head and uncinate process of the pancreas.

Jaundice and biliary colic are the most common symptoms produced by tumors in this location, due to the obstruction of the bile duct which passes through the head of the pancreas.

Due to the close proximity to the duodenum, head of pancreas tumors may lead to duodenal obstruction leading to GI distress.

Obstruction of the pancreas ducts may occur due to the tumors present in the head of the pancreas

Also by tumors present in other parts, such as the tail of the pancreas.

Obstruction of the pancreas duct may led to the development of acute pancreatitis, which presents as pain in the abdomen.

It also prevents the release of pancreas enzymes into the intestine, which presented as steatorrhea, or fatty stools.

Except these, other symptoms of pancreas cancer are, abdominal pain, aching/pressure/burring sensation in abdomen, loss of weight or appetite, and very rarely, venous thrombosis.

These were the pancreas cancer symptoms. A knowledge of these symptoms is important to consult a doctor at an early stage before the disease becomes very advanced.

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