Pancreatic Cancer Risk Factors Explained by CancerBro

Video Transcription:

CancerBro, can you please discuss the risk factors in a little more detail.

Pancreatic cancer is more commonly seen in African Americans as compared to the natives.

Elderly males are more predisposed to the disease as compared to the females.

The disease is less commonly seen in white Americans and people from developed countries.

Smoking is a significant risk factor for pancreatic cancer, but the risk reduces significantly after cessation of smoking.

Exposure to chemicals or heavy metals, used in various industries may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Obesity and physical inactivity is also a risk factor for the disease.

Regular physical activity may help in reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer.

High fat and high cholesterol diet may also be a risk factor for the disease.

History of pancreatic cancer in close relatives may also increase the risk in other family members.

Presence of diabetes or cirrhosis of the liver may also predispose a person to develop pancreatic cancer.

History of chronic or hereditary pancreatitis is also a risk factor for the disease.

These were the risk factors for pancreatic cancer.

Thanks, CancerBro. These risk factors if kept in mind may help us to contact the doctor early before the disease become very advanced.

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