Ovarian Cancer Treatment: Fertility Preservation, Chemotherapy, etc.

Video Transcript:

Now we will discuss the ovary cancer treatment.

Surgery and chemotherapy are the main treatment modalities for ovary cancer.

First, we have to decide whether the patient is a candidate for fertility preservation surgery in which only one side ovary is removed, and the other one with a uterus is left behind.

It is an option in early stage epithelial ovary tumors and sex cord-stromal tumors when the tumor is limited to one ovary.

And maybe considered in the most of the cases of low grade or borderline ovary tumors and germ cell tumors of the ovary.

First, we have to ask the patient whether her family is complete or she wants more children. If she wants more children and is will for it, fertility preservation surgery may be done.

CancerBro, that means it is best for a patient like me who has a germ cell tumor at a very young age, when I am not even married.

Absolutely, but the final decision will be taken by the oncologist after assessing your disease in detail. Now, let’s discuss the treatment further.

In most cases, the surgery which we do for ovary tumors is known aw cytoreductive surgery.

It may be called as primary cytoreductive surgery or interval debulking surgery, depending upon whether we are giving chemotherapy before or after surgery.

If the surgery is done when there is a relapse of the disease after the patient has completed treatment previously, it is known as secondary cytoreductive surgery.

CancerBro, how is it decided whether to do surgery first or give chemotherapy first?

It is decided by the oncologist after assessing the condition of the patient and seeing the scans.

If the disease appears upfront resectable on the scans, and the performance status of the patient is good as assessed by the oncologist, we can proceed directly with the surgery.

When surgery is done first before chemotherapy, it is called as primary cytoreductive surgery.

Sometimes, the disease may not be upfront resectable, or the performance status of the patient may be poor. In either of these conditions, the surgery might not be possible upfront.

In these cases, interval debulking surgery is preferred in which chemotherapy is given first, and then the decision for surgery is depending upon the response to chemotherapy.

CancerBro, is chemotherapy required in all the cases after primary cytoreductive surgery?

No, it depends upon the stage and the subtype of the tumor. In some early stage and low-grade tumors, chemotherapy is required after surgery.

CancerBro, we all are so grateful to you for making us understand our disease so nicely. It reduces our anxiety and helps us a lot to take better treatment decisions.

It is helpful for me also if you have some baseline knowledge of your disease, I can discuss the various ovary cancer treatment option in detail. May God bless you all.

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