Today, CancerBro meets Mr. Poppy who has recently being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

CancerBro asks him several questions related to his health and risk factors related to prostate cancer.

Transcript of complete conversation:

CancerBro - Hi Mr. Poppy, how are you feeling today? Can I ask you a few questions related to your disease?

Mr. Poppy - I am feeling better now. Yes CancerBro, I will be happy to answer your questions please go ahead.

CancerBro: Mr. Poppy, how old are you and where are you from?

Mr. Poppy: I am 65 years old and I am from USA.

CancerBro: Tell me what were your initial complaints for which you consulted the doctor?

Mr. Poppy: For last one and half month I was having difficulty in passing urine. I had to go repeatedly for urination even during night, also the urine stream was not proper. Sometimes, I noticed blood in urine. Recently, I had difficulty in erection and also back pain.

CancerBro: Please tell me something about your diet and activity schedule.

Mr. Poppy: I used to eat red meat and fatty food, and due to my hectic work schedule, I rarely did any exercise.

CancerBro: Did anyone else in your family has been diagnosed with prostate cancer previously?

Mr. Poppy: Yes my father also had a prostate cancer.

CancerBro: Okay Mr. Poppy, thank you very much.

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