Human Testis Anatomy With Pictures

Video Transcript:

We now come to the Human testis anatomy with pictures the testis is the rounded structure, that produces sperm and testosterone. It lies in a pouch called scrotum and it is lined by epididymis.

The duct joining the testis is called as vas deferens. In front of the testis lies the penis, through which urethra passes. It is connected superiorly to the urinary bladder and helps in passing the urine. If you look at the testis in detail, it is lined by an inner layer called as tunica albuginea and an outer layer, called as tunica vaginalis. At the upper part is epidemic, which joins the vas deferens superiorly.

This covering outside the testis is called as spermatic cord. It is composed of three layers, internal and external spermatic fascia and cremasteric muscle.

And this outermost pouch like covering that holds both the testis is called a scrotum.

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