Human Colon Anatomy

Video Transcript:

This pouch-like structure, present at the beginning of the colon is called a caecum.

This part, present on the right side of the abdomen, extending upwards from the caecum is called an ascending colon.

The longest part of the colon, that extends from the right to the left side of the abdomen, is called as transverse colon.

And this part, which extends downwards from transverse colon, on the left side of the abdomen, is called as descending colon.

And this last part, which connects colon to the rectum and anal canal is called as sigmoid colon.

These are the loops of the small intestine that occupy the central part of the abdomen.

This is the cross-section from the wall of the colon, with the upper part being inside and lower part being outside of the wall.

The innermost layer is epithelium, followed by this layer called as lamina propria.

Outer to which lies muscularis mucosa. Then comes the submucosa. Outer to which lies the muscularis propria which is followed by a layer of pericolorectal tissue.

On the outermost aspect, lies this layer which is called as serosa.

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