Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Treatment

Video Transcript:

CancerBro will explain treatment for castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Watch the video to know how the disease is treated in most cases.

CancerBro, I was started on GnRH analog, but my disease progressed on that. What are the treatment options in such cases?

After some years of starting androgen deprivation therapy, PSA may start rising, or there may be a disease progression on scans. This state is called as castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

If the patient has localized CRPC, then the treatment options are the observation or androgen deprivation therapy with a different agent that used previously.

And for metastatic CRPC, the treatment options are androgen deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, cancer vaccine or bone-directed therapy.

CRPC is the disease which has progressed on GnRH analogs, so non-GnRH analogs are used for the treatment, such as androgen receptor blockers or 17 hydroxylase inhibitors.

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