CancerBro meets Mr. Parker – a pancreatic cancer patient

Video Transcript:

To understand the disease better, we will meet Mr. Parker pancreatic cancer patient, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Mr. Parker is a 72 years old man, who was having abdominal pain for the last few days. Recently, he also noticed yellowish discoloration of his eyes. He got very worried and straight away rushed to the hospital.

After the complete diagnostic workup, he was found to have pancreatic cancer. Let’s meet him.

CancerBro: Hi Mr. Parker, how are you feeling today?

Mr. Parker: CancerBro, I was very worried when I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but feeling a bit relaxed after talking to you.

CancerBro: What were your symptoms for which you consulted the doctor?

Mr. Parker: I had pain in the upper abdomen for the last few days, and also noticed yellowish discoloration of eyes and urine.

CancerBro: Mr. Parker, what work you do? After you physically active or mostly sedentary?

Mr. Parker: I work in a factory where I am continuously exposed to gases and my work is mostly sedentary. I am not much physically active.

CancerBro: What kind of diet do you take? Are you addicted to smoking or alcohol?

Mr. Parker: My diet is mostly unhealthy, with high carbohydrates and fats. I smoke almost a pack daily for the last 10 years.

CancerBro: Did anyone else in your close relative had a history of pancreatic or any other cancer?

Mr. Parker: No CancerBro, I don’t remember anyone with cancer in my family.

I think you people must have got an idea how a patient with pancreatic cancer presents, and what are the risk factors for the disease.

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