CancerBro meets Mr. Kenny: kidney cancer patient

Today, CancerBro will meet Mr. Kenny – kidney cancer patient who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Watch this video to better understand the various risk factors of kidney cancer.

Video transcript:

To understand the disease better, we’ll meet Mr. Kenny, who has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Mr. Kenny was having pain in abdomen and red colored urine for the last few days. For these complaints, he consulted his doctor and was admitted in hospital for treatment, let us meet him.

CancerBro: Hi Mr. Kenny, how are you feeling today?

Mr. Kenny: CancerBro, I was very worried when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, but after talking to you, I am feeling better.

CancerBro: What work do you do Mr. Kenny?

Mr. Kenny: I work in a factory where I am continuously exposed to organic compounds.

CancerBro: Do you have a habit of smoking?

Mr. Kenny: Yes CancerBro, I smoke almost a pack daily for more than last 15 years.

CancerBro: Did you have any kidney problem previously, or underwent treatment for the same?

Mr. Kenny: I was on long-term dialysis for end-stage kidney disease.

CancerBro: Did you receive any long-term treatment with painkillers, or any blood pressure reducing medicines previously?

Mr. Kenny: Yes CancerBro, I was on hypertensive medications for the past many years.

CancerBro: Have anyone in your family been diagnosed with kidney or any other cancer previously?

Mr. Kenny: No, I am the first person in my family to have cancer.

CancerBro: Okay Mr. Kenny, thank you very much.

I think you people must have got an idea of how a patient of kidney cancer presents, and what are the risk factors for the disease.

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