Ovarian Cancer: Early Signs and Symptoms

Following are some common signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer:

Ovary Cancer - Symptoms - Infographics
Ovary Cancer - Symptoms

  • Pain/swelling/heaviness in abdomen or pelvis
  • Increased urinary frequency or urgency
  • Bloating or constipation
  • Difficulty in eating or early satiety

If any suspicious symptoms are present for prolonged period of time, further investigations may be required.

These symptoms can also be experienced due to certain other benign conditions. Other ovarian cancer symptoms include fatigue, backache, menstrual changes, and unexplained weight loss.

Germ cell tumor usually presents as a rapidly enlarging solid mass in the pelvis in women younger than 35 years of age.

Symptoms indicating an excess or abnormal hormonal production (estrogen or androgen) may signal sex cord-stromal tumor.

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To further understand the disease in a better way, have a look at the video below where CancerBro meets Mrs. Owen who has recently being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. CancerBro asks Mrs. Owen several important questions related to her disease from symptoms which lead her to contact an oncologist to various other risk factors related to ovary cancer.

Watch the video below to better understand the symptoms of ovarian cancer.