Endometrial Cancer Staging: FIGO Staging System

Staging helps to determine the disease prognosis and to select an appropriate treatment strategy.

FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) is the most commonly used staging systems for endometrial cancer.

Following table describe the characteristics of endometrial cancer according to different stages:

IA The primary tumor is limited to the endometrium or has invaded less than half of myometrium.
IB The primary tumor has invaded half or more of the myometrium.
II The primary tumor is present only in the uterus and has extended up to the cervical connective tissue.
IIIA The cancer cells have spread to the outer surface of the uterus (serosa) or to the fallopian tube, ovary, round/broad ligament (adnexa).
IIIB The cancer cells have spread to the vagina or up to the parametrium.
IIIC1 Cancer has spread to pelvic lymph nodes but not to the lymph nodes along the aorta or to distant body parts.
IIIC2 Cancer has spread to the lymph nodes along the aorta but not to the distant body parts.
IVA Cancer has spread up to the mucosa of the rectum or urinary bladder.
IVB The cancer cells have spread to distant body parts such as distant lymph nodes, lungs, bones, liver, etc.

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