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Posted on Nov. 3, 2019, 11:28 p.m.
Tongue Cancer : Total Glossectomy
7 years back(Apl 2012), Mandibulectomy with Fibula Free Flap was done, remained desease free for 7 yrs, but since 6 months ulceration on right lateral border of tongue started, MRI done on 27th Apl, based on MRI Report, wide glossectomy was done on 3rd May, from 6th june to 14th june, 7 out of proposed 30 fractions of RT given, since couldn't tolerate anymore, RT was stopped after 7th. Cancer recurred within 45 days, Chemotherapy alongwith Targeted therepy(Biomab)started from 1st Aug. 3 cycles of chemo(5 FU,Carboplatin) taken with 3 week's gap, 3rd cycle's drugs delivered between 18th to 21st Sep. 7 doses of Biomab taken with weekly intervals. After 21st Sep no chemo, no Biomab. Then PET was done on 7th Oct, it revealed that disease is still there, but localized & no metastasis. Then surgery was planned, on 22nd Oct. Total Glossectomy with reconstruction by a microvascular free flap, harvested from thy was done, post surgery hystopath report reveals that surgical margins were safe, but extentive Perineuro invasion was seen. On this very finding of "PNI" my Onco Surgeon is again thinking for giving chemo and/or radiation. But I am not mentally prepared for that. Since my total glossectomy, I am unable to control the saliva, unable to swallow & speak. Dr. says things will improve after few months. If anybody have any experience/knowledge related to my situation, plz share, it will be a great help to me. Secondly plz also give opinion on the significance of PNI, particularily in my case.