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Cancerbro - The story of my father who was diagnosed with Lung Squamous cell
Vanessa Lung Cancer
Posted on Aug. 27, 2018, 3:02 p.m.
The story of my father who was diagnosed with Lung Squamous cell
Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa, from Spain. My father was diagnosed for Lung Squamous cell in December 2017. We knew his cough was not normal, but he has been a smoker for decades! his doctor asked for an Xray of his chest on March but it showed NOTHING anormal in there. After a few months we asked his doctor to do more tests as he was not getting better, but she said that his blood tests and the Xray didn’t show anything to worry about. We finally got him a TC…and there it was!! A big 7cm mass in his left lung, just behind his heart. He was lucky to be able to get surgery (for a neumonectomy), but after the surgery was done they found out 3 lymph nodes were infiltrated as well as some of the tissue around the tumor and main bronchus (it even reached the muscle of esofagus), so they planned adyuvant chemo for 3 months. Right now he has a normal life, his level of Oxygen in blood is 98%, he goes out for walks every morning and every afternoon, and he has had chemo with almost not bad side effects. They did an scan after all and it showed nothing right now so we are in controls every 3 months. Cancer has showed him how much he wants to live, what’s really important in life, and has changed his point of view in a lot of things…He says “I am sick but I am a happier than I was before”. You all, fighters and survivors, are amazing people!! No matter the name, no matter the stage, just keep fighting!! No one knows about the future!! Big hug for you all reading!