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Cancerbro - Staring down the barrel again and I'm spooked about it
Survivor Lung Cancer
Posted on March 29, 2019, 8:13 a.m.
Staring down the barrel again and I'm spooked about it
April of 2018, stage 1 Adenecarenoma took my upper right lobe of my lung and a small part of my middle lobe. As of September 2018, the CT came back clean, I have not been back since. (Think depression, life events and high stress). This month, I have started feeling some of the same symptoms I had before the surgery. Burning sensation in the upper right lobe area I used to have prior to the surgery and haven't had it since. A slight "rattle" I can feel in my right side similar to what I felt with the tumor when I take a deep breath every so often. My persistent cough has never gone away. Today, I scheduled the next CT scan even though the hospital I am doing this at and where the Pulmonologist is completely uncovered by my insurance. I am spooked by what I am feeling and am motivated to get this done. We are scheduled to move out of the state sometime in the next 12 weeks (long story), to a drier climate and more chances at a better lifestyle. I am worried about what may come from the CT this time around, if it is anything, I hope it is small enough to not warrant surgical removal, but hopefully not require too much chemo or radiation.