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Xavieravogniko Lymphoma
Posted on May 20, 2019, 8:06 a.m.
Stage 4 lymphoma hotchking survivor
Hello hello everyone, I am Xavier Avogniko, based in Byron Bay NSW. last year I have been given only 2 month to live as I had a 14cm tumor wraped around my heart and in my spine was getting absolutely eaten away. I did 4 month of natural therapy which nothing has worked and I went to 6 month of extremely strong chemotherapy along side STEM CELL NUTRITION (NATURAL PRODUCT)… I have been declared in remition in December and I am now living my dream. I am here to let you know of what I have done and what has helped me so so much as I am one of the only one that had soooo little sides effects from the chemo and that is because of the stem cell nutrition. get in touch and in the main time if you do not have a bone marrow cancer I suggest that you get yourself the stem cell nutrition through this website : with love xavier 0411 324 359