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Cancerbro - Really struggling with anger around what’s happened to me
riva_styx Ovarian Cancer
Posted on Sept. 12, 2018, 7:12 p.m.
Really struggling with anger around what’s happened to me
Hello all I’m new here. I’m Riva, 33, in Sheffield, England. I went into hospital in April with severe abdominal pain which turned out to be a 15cm cyst that was twisted 4 times. It was removed via laporotomy along with 1L of fluid. The cyst turned out to contain cancer; 1c1 mucinous adenocarcinoma was my diagnosis. At the end of May I had a full hysterectomy including both ovaries and my omentum was removed. They also checked all my other organs. I was given the all clear. I am really struggling with anger around the what’s happened to me, especially the fact that I’m now going through menopause at 33. I hate my scarred, swollen stomach. Someone I know died of a brain tumour last week and I’m struggling with survivors guilt as he had a wife & 2 kids and died, whereas I have nothing and I lived. Three weeks ago my dad told me to get over having cancer and the I wear it like some badge of honour. I have not spoken to my parents since. I’m currently on a phased return to work. So all in all, life sucks right now.