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Navajo Lung Cancer
Posted on July 8, 2019, 10:27 p.m.
Once a Caregiver - now working to help others :)
Hello All, Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I'm reaching out to this page hoping to help the lung cancer community. I was once a caregiver to a loved one that was diagnosed with Stage III NSC and he decided to opt out on treatment, his battle was short lived and he passed within the year. I took a job working for a medical national market research company where we recruit doctors, nurses, pharmacist, hospital executives, patients, caregivers, etc for paid research studies. At this time I have a NSC lung cancer study where we are looking for patients Stage IIIb and Stage IV to complete an online survey (30 minutes) and in return you will be paid $75 for your opinions. If this sounds like something that interest you, and you would like to contribute to the research of this study, please call me or email me to discuss. 972-598-0315 / [email protected]