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CatSpeaks Colon Cancer
Posted on Aug. 10, 2019, 8:14 a.m.
Not staged
Always did colonoscopies since polyps run in the family, had a couple removed that were precancerous years ago. 2 years ago had a colonoscopy after bad bout of cdiff. This July had a colonoscopy because of virus/diarrhea, 2 polyps were found a 5mm and 10mm. 10mm was found to have cancer cells, other was benign. CEA was 1.2. Saw surgeon and also send diagnosis at Mayo. Really nervous, not sure what's going on right now. Surgeon wants to do surgery, cutting away about 10" and resection, Mayo feels that isn't necessary and wants to take more tissue around where the polyp was and not do anything invasive unless necessary. Think I'll go with Mayo and see what is up. 2 pathologists tests were precancer and one cancer cells. Stressed to the max! No blood, no pains, no weight loss, CBC good.