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Cancerbro - New to the "C" word... but not to fighting... Advice welcome!
AlyssaD Cervical Cancer
Posted on Sept. 6, 2019, 6:11 a.m.
New to the "C" word... but not to fighting... Advice welcome!
Hello! I am new here.... I have been fighting a very rare and severe form form of systemic lupus for the last 18 years (which included 5.5 years of iv chemo and >10+ years of oral "chemo" medications. Now I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer too. A couple years ago, I had "cancerous cells" on my cervix, found through a colposcopy, for which they did a LEEP. After the LEEP, I had 1 "nornal" pap and then I had an another abnormal one.. but I resisted going in for the colposcopy since I have been having abnormal paps all my life... and due to pelvic floor pain, colposcopies always hurt me a lot more than is typical... It was a dumb move but I was more concerned with my lupus, which was trying it's best to kill me at that time (it attacks my lungs, CNS, kidneys, heart, etc...). I waited a few years. My GP finally talked me into going for the colposcopy and they called a few weeks ago to tell me I now have cervical cancer. They said that since it came back after the LEEP, and because of my high risk of cancer in general (due to the previous chemo, high dose/long term steroid use and lupus), that I was now fighting this too. I have not seen the gyn/onc or my gyn yet but my GP said he thinks I should opt for the RH regardless. At this point, we do not know the stage but I suspect it isn't too bad - since they have waited to get me in and not rushed everything like they did for a new friend of mine who was also diagnosed with cervical cancer.... Anyways, I am new here and honestly a little scared (even if I act tough for my parents and friends). I am having a lot of anxiety and depression issues as well as a lot of anger/frustration in general. My mom and friends and even my doctor say it's normal with the cancer diagnosis but I don't feel like its only that.. but I could be wrong. I feel like I can't trust my emotions these days. I am a full time university student and I work part time. I have been trying to figure out what to do - if anything, to be proactive when it comes to school and work... I am registered for 4 courses this semester but have told my profs about my diagnosis (we started classes today). I also don't know how to tell my other friends and everyone else. It feels so personal and also, I don't know the stage or treatment plan yet... How did you guys tell people? Also when? I am single and in my later 30's and now feel like I will never find a man who is willing and able to take on a woman with so many health issues - and can't have kids... Sorry this is so long but I just found you guys and wanted to share my story in hopes of finding people who get it and who might have actual, legitimate advice...