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DoraTheExplorer_LostButterfly_2019 Thyroid Cancer
Posted on May 5, 2019, 1:17 a.m.
New to group.
Thank you for adding me to this site. I have to be honest, I've been rather blue lately. So, here's my story... A bit more than a year ago, I felt the bump on my right neck= goiter. First surgery Feb 26 PTC, second surgery April 23. Get to see endo doc on May 8. I live in Northern NY state. I'm a nurse by trade, also volunteer FF/EMT, never married, and feeling depressed about that and no children. It was much easier for me to help my patients threw hard times like this than it is for me to help myself. Most days, I wish I'd of never pointed out that bump on my throat, and just let nature take it's course. NO! I don't have any suicidal ideations! That would be murder, and not allowed. I do have a warped sense of humor, and laugh at inappropriate times, and no emotion when everyone is expecting something. I can smile on the outside when I'm a total chaos inside and no one knows any different, then when I say I'm in need of a listening ear, no one is around to listen because they think I'm kidding. I'm always told, as many of you are, "don't worry about it, you have the easy cancer, it is the easiest to cure, and treat, you'll be fine!" LOL, the easiest cancer. My mother had breast cancer and didn't have near the side affects that we do with lack of TSH. I also find those who say this is the easy cancer have never had any cancer. So, how do they know!? Well, I pray I can get some zeal back and feel like living life again, right now I go threw the motions, but don't feel like this is "life" as well, pray if I can't get some zeal back, maybe one of my wise cracks will give a push in the right direction for some one else.