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Small cell, tumors, less organs....Oh My! Bladder Cancer
Posted on April 6, 2019, 1:11 a.m.
Nero-endocrine differentiation!
Hi All, My name is Richard....I was diagnosed with Nero-endocrine differentiation small cell, which metastasized into a cluster of tumors in my bladder, prostate, muscle tissue & so on.... had less than a week to prep for chemo & find out about this cancer which is less than 1% of all cancers, but highly aggressive... It took my doctor over a year to finally find it, as I was bleeding periodically all that time....only to be told that it was my age or my work outs that were causing it.....but I knew there was something more then this wrong with I kept going back until they put the dye in my & finally found the tumors, which led to the biopsy that told me I hd this small cell all was so aggressive, my old school chemo was 9 hours the first day & 7 hours the second & third, which was one round...I did 5 of these, which almost killed me....then went direct to surgery to remove organs & I'm still chasing the cancer now on my Thyroid, spots on my lungs & skin cancer.... not to mention all the problems I have now with ringing in my ears, nephropathy, leaky neo-bladder they made from a section of my small intestine.... I have been dealing with this new normal for about 8 years now, and it is not getting any easier.... lots of false peeing urges now that drive me up the wall.... and then peeing when I can't feel anything! I hate pads & Depends, as it is not something I'd ever thought I would need.... and the self catheterizing is nuts too.... Don't get me wrong, glad to be alive....but there has got to be a better way.....