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Alvinehom Bone Cancer
Posted on Oct. 17, 2018, 7:10 a.m.
My story of surviving Chondrosarcoma
Holla… My name is Alvin. I’m a Chondrosarcoma Survivor. It started at Oct 2017, sometimes I feel pain on my right ankle At November 2017, appeared bumps on my ankle At December 2017, It got worst, I can’t use shoes At January 2018, I did ankle rontgen and there was fleck above my calcaneus bone At January – February 2018, I’ve done several treatments from doctors At March 2018, I’ve done MRI and several blood test. And the result, lead the doctor to diagnosed Bone Tuberculosis At April 2018, I’ve done Debridement Sugery (the removal of damaged tissue or foreign object from a wound) and doctor took sample to biopsy After a week, the doctor gave the result of biopsy, it was Chondrosarcoma grade 3 I’ve checked several doctors in Indonesia, KL, & Penang and the result still the same Every doctors gave me 2 solutions: 1. Calcaneus Bone reconstruction (10-15% recurrence) 2. Amputation (0% recurrence) I’ve done PET Scan, and the result was no spread of cancer cell And I’ve done amputation surgery on June 2018. Now I live my life with prosthetic like a normal people. I still can work, driving, goin’t to the gym. I hope later on I’ll playing basket ball again. Nice to know you guys… @alvinehom