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Astrogirl Brain Cancer
Posted on Nov. 1, 2018, 4:02 a.m.
My story of journey fighting astrocytoma grade 3
Hello fellow brain fighters. I’m Mihaela, a Bulgarian born and raised, living in France. My brain cancer journey began in August 2018 with a grand mal seizure at work. I was rushed to the hospital and the verdict came out quite quickly after a 4-hours surgery. They took out 95% of the mass – an astrocytoma grade 3. My neuro team has been very supportive from the very beginning. My treatment – 30 sesions of radiotherapy, that I’ve already finished yeah!! No side effects apart from the funky haircut (half-shaved head), surprisingly my hair started growing back just 2 months post treatment, I guess I’m quite lucky on this one. I’m starting PCV chemo this Friday and I’m looking forward to it. 6 months after the initial diagnosis I feel normal, facing a massive challenge I never though I’ll have to deal with in my early 30s. My soul is calm and I’m ready and determined to beat the odds. Wishing you all a peaceful journey through the brain cancer maze. Don’t be scared of all the numbers, statistics and the stigma around brain cancer, they don’t necessarily apply to you 😉