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jballin62 Brain Cancer
Posted on Aug. 20, 2018, 6:33 p.m.
My story of fighting brain cancer and my passion about basketball
Hello everyone!my name is Juano Ocampo I am 28 years old and I live in West Covina California, I am passionate about basketball and I’ve fell in love with it since age 7.My brain tumor journey started in June of 2008 during the last month of my junior year in high school.I suffered sever headaches alongside nausea and vomiting, double vision and body numbness. I was rushed to the hospital and was admitted in the intensive care unit and stayed for 3 months there for the first stages of treatment. I underwent chemo a month after it and had 4 cycles in every 3 weeks. My physician also suggested for me to take radiation pills. He decided for me not to go through radiation treatment cause there were severe damage in the brain due to the tumor and chemo treatments.The tumor was gone for almost a year but when the following fall season came right after the week of fall semester in college I had an MRI test and it confirmed a nonoccurence. I was totally devastated and I was crushed inside emotionally. The initial plan from my Doctor was for me to go through stronger doses of chemo. 5 x stronger than what I had the previous diagnosis. PBSC ( Peripheral Blood Stem cell Collection ), Bone Marrow Transplant and finally radiation treatment. 2 years of facing a back to back diagnosis was undoubtedly the worst times of my life but it also defined my character later on. My hopes after treatment was to head back on the hardwood but the early months became disappointments for the impact done from cancer was severe but all would change eventually. I realized that my 2 years of adversity could also become my inspiration to achieve all possibilities. I applied my diagnoses to my passion through their comparison based on their demands. I realized that the demands from basketball isn’t even halfway close to the demands from brain cancer and its treatments. This was such a powerful statement that it eventually inspired me to write a book about my life battling cancer and how it turned to be the biggest blessing in my life. Basketball and Brain Tumor a 2 different things but the demands from the other outweighs the demands from the hardwood. The book is titled IMPOSSIBLE TO I’M POSSIBLE by Juano Ocampo and it depicts my fight against brain tumor and the optimism learned post treatment.