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Cancerbro - My journey of being diagnosed in March of 2018 with stage 4 spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma
Norman225 Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Posted on Sept. 2, 2018, 7:52 a.m.
My journey of being diagnosed in March of 2018 with stage 4 spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma
Hello! My name is Chaz. I was diagnosed in March of 2018 with Stage 4 Spindle Cell Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer. My journey actually began long before I was diagnosed as I had several lumps appear on my body in various places. I went to a dermatologist to get a diagnosis of the lumps that were painless and was told by a physicians assistant that my lumps were Lipomas. This diagnosis was done based off of sight and touch as no biopsies were taken. I left the dermatologist office with confidence that I had nothing to worry about. At this same time I developed a severe cough that would come and go; only it never would go completely away. After several weeks of taking over the counter cold medication the cough only worsened. Finally on March 3, 2018 I asked my wife to take me to Urgent Care to get it seen about. A chest xray was done and the Dr. showed me an xray of normal lungs and then my xray. My xray looked like I had snow in my lungs. I was sent to the ER for a follow up CT Scan and the results of that confirmed the snow in my lungs as well as a large mass on my left Kidney and lesions on my liver. I met my oncologist and was sent for a biopsy and then a PET scan. The PET Scan showed that my “Lipomas” were actually cancerous tumors. On March 20, 2018 my official diagnosis was stage 4 STS – spindle cell. I began my regiment of chemo and immune therapy. After round 4 I had a follow up PET Scan. The scan showed positive results! My lumps had disappeared and my mass on my kidney and the lesions had shrank. I have finished my last round of chemo (Anthracycline) and I will continue on immune therapy indefinitely. I am finally gaining my energy back. I have never been one to be sick and at 63 years old I was not taking any type of prescription medication. I proudly served 24 years in the US Army and was deployed three times in my military career. I served in the Gulf War. I am currently married and reside in Georgia.