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Carlinaindreas Brain Cancer
Posted on Aug. 19, 2018, 5:44 p.m.
My journey of being diagnosed and fighting against brain cancer
My names Carlin, I’m 29 years old and I currently live in San Antonio Texas. Born and raised in NYC then moved to South Carolina around the age of 13. Grew up always wanting to learn everything! Graduated high school and joined the United States Marine corps where I was retired due to injury. Life had been out of the norm for me when it came to just living it basically. Luck was never on my side and when it rain it poured. As I began to feel like things were going in the right direction. I noticed in 2016 I began to get severe migraines that worsened over time, my vision was coming and going and nose bleeds that were just causing puddles of blood on my pillow. On October 5th 2016 I went to my primary and he didn’t know what to think but decided he was going to do an MRI. When he returned he asked me to go to the VA for a second opinion since he knew I was a veteran. I did so and my primary at the VA didn’t break the news to me easy. He let me have it and told me that I had a very rare brain tumor and that based on it’s size and location. We cannot remove it without causing some severe disabilities and maybe even death. I didn’t want those options. I just wanted to be normal. I went 3 months without telling anyone. Not so much as one soul. It stayed between my doctor and I and I was still working. That’s when the condition continued getting worse and my oncologist decided it was time to go through chemotherapy and figure out options. Now I’m battling two brain tumors. Acoustic Neuroma and a Pineal Gland Tumor. Needless to say I did that, radiation, and a second regimen of chemo. I’m still fighting, but I’m living my best life without treatment. The Pineal Gland Tumor is slow growing but will eventually claim my life. I’m at peace with life, I’m at peace with decisions in my life, I am at peace with what life has been for me. So during this time I am just enjoying life. Traveling to share my story/testimony and doing it for the Glory of God and His kingdom. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of a community that can share the experience and love for one another! -Carlin