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Mderezadn Breast Cancer
Posted on Aug. 10, 2019, 6:50 a.m.
Metastatic Breast Cancer Stage 4
Hi everyone I’ll be heading to a cancer center in a couple of weeks.. I was diagnosed stage 3 breast cancer 2017 .. I did not do chemo or radiation.. I quickly did nutrition/holistic , chiropractic.. when I first was diagnosed I was in bad shape .. my body hurt a lot and I was extremely tired .. when I started doing holistic my energy and health improved dramatically.. I would get tested once a month for my ca 27:29 test just to see my cancer levels.. my body stopped hurting from working out everyday I started dropping wait two pounds a week.. felt good. A year after i was diagnosed I had a mastectomy.. I was cancer free for a few months but then was re diagnosed to a stage 4 because it traveled to my bones .. that’s when I decided to take the chemo pill 💊 it’s helped. A little side affects but always reverse them by doing different things .. I did not stop working or my life. But we eat breath sleep wake up cancer .. everyday is a challenge.. I been blessed that I never went through the harsh treatments that cancer patients go through .. I advice everyone to work out to minimize the body aches .. stop eating sugar that way you stop feeding cancer .. get adjusted every week to get your nervous system aligned with the rest of your body .. eat proper to get energy.. I can keep writing ✍️ and writhing lol