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nmorris923 Ovarian Cancer
Posted on Oct. 12, 2018, 2:39 a.m.
Last week, I was diagnosed with Grade 1c ovarian cancer
Hello all. I began experiencing bloating and difficulties with my bowel movements in July this year. I tried laxatives from the GP but things seemed to be getting worse not better. By August 22nd I had been admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pains. And on 30th August after numerous scans and tests, surgeons removed a 30cmx24cm mass from my left ovary, along with my ovary and Fallopian tube. Before surgery the mass had ruptured and began to leak into my abdominal cavity. Biopsies were sent off immediately. Last week I was diagnosed with Grade 1c ovarian cancer. I am 30 and have no children. My oncologist has suggested further surgery to take biopsies from nearby tissue and organs and remove my omentum. The possibility of a full hysterectomy before I’ve even had chance to try for a baby absolutely terrifies me but I’m channeling lots of positive energy for the upcoming surgery. Sending love to all fighters and survivors. It’s clear that even once the cancer fight is over physically, the mental and emotional scars remain. Be proud of yourselves, you’re all warriors xx