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PriscaS73 Multiple Myloma
Posted on July 26, 2019, 3:29 a.m.
Journey Strong
Had a stem cell transplant at Emory in August 2015. Four year cancer free by the Grace and Healing of The Great Physician . Was so grateful to have Dr. Sagar Lonial , as my multiple myeloma oncology specialist ! The best !! Still take maintenance chemo (Revlimid ) three weeks on and one week off ,and may have to take it for the rest of my earthly life! Will have the MRD bone marrow test done this September , along with all the other four year tests, biopsies scans, labs etc. If MRD is negative , might get to come off Revlimid in about three years. It has been a long journey , and although I am married , I have never had a caregiver . Cancer has made me stronger and has strengthened my faith walk with God ! I was 69 when I was diagnosed and am now 73!