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CancerWifey Multiple Myloma
Posted on Oct. 30, 2018, 5:48 p.m.
Journey of my husband who is fighting multiple myeloma
Hi everyone! My husband is 46 and he was diagnosed in September. In 2015, he had pneumonia and a blood panel showed low neutrophils. We had an Oncology consult at that time, but since he was otherwise very healthy, it wasn’t pursued. Later that year he had shingles twice. We didn’t know that these were all possible signs. This past July, he had severe neck pain, and he has a previous injury and arthritis that flares up, but it was so bad he was bed ridden for weeks. We waited to be seen by an ortho specialist who was on maternity leave and a month later an X-ray showed he had two collapsed vertebrae and some fracturing. The ortho specialist concluded it was a bone infection, but a CT guided biopsy couldn’t find the source. He wore a brace until he could be seen by a spinal surgeon at the end of August. MRI and X-rays showed the infection was progressing and attacking a third vertebrae. So we got fit in for surgery to remove C2, C3, and C3, replace them with bone grafts and hardware and to do an open biopsy. The surgery was pretty intense, but it went well. We spent a week in hospital recovery and doing labs and waiting for the pathology on the vertebrae. Streptococcus pneumoniae was the source of infection, but this isn’t normally found in the spine, and after a lot of labs and imaging, eventually they found Multiple Myeloma to be the diagnosis. We found it very early and his organs are all in perfect shape. He has a lesion on his hip bone, but otherwise there are no other signs of further damage. We’re doing the bone strengthener injections and will start RVD chemo on Friday. The plan is 4-6 cycles to knock it into remission, and then a stem cell transplant. We are going through a lot, but we’re really hopeful. He isn’t as social networky as me, so I don’t know if he’ll join this page, but I did invite him. Thanks for reading.