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Rezil Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Posted on March 29, 2019, 8:38 a.m.
Hi , I’m a follicular dendritic cell sarcoma survivor so far I’m blessed to be 4 years Ned I have scans in April . I had a huge abdominal tumor that was crushing my foot and leg nerves and entangled with them for over a decade before it was found on accident. I had unbearable leg and foot pain , foot drop trouble waking etc for over a decade and went to several drs who misdiagnosed me . I also had a female heath problem that I thought a lot of other symptoms I had was related to like stomach pain throwing up and passing out once . I work midnights so I thought I was just tired from that I didn’t realize how horrible I felt till I had my tumor out I also was ghostly pale you can see it in the pictures I thought it was just because I work nights and didn’t see the sun . I have my color back now and you can see the difference it’s spine chilling .my stomach also swelled ten years before I was diagnosed I remember taking a pregnancy test thinking I was pregnant I wasn’t but I now know it was the tumor . Anyway in September of 2014 I went to a gynecologist about my female problem when they was trying to find the cause of it they found my tumor on accident in October they knew it was a tumor and set me up a appointment with a oncologist surgeon. He did a inclusive biopsy in November and dec 26 2014 I had a risky surgery he had never did to remove it . It took them a month to figure out was it was they had to send it to u of m Jan 28 2015 I was diagnosed with fdc sarcoma in a background of castlemans . Since fdc sarcoma is so rare they don’t have a effective chemo or radiation that changes outcomes so I just had surgery see a oncologist and get scans . I have severe neuropathy in my legs and feet because of the tumor crushing my foot and leg nerves and I’m always in pain and have problems waking a lot but I’m very blessed to be alive and try to enjoy life the best I can