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PolishBarbie Breast Cancer
Posted on Sept. 11, 2018, 6:15 a.m.
I am a breast cancer warrior NOT worrier!
Hello everyone! My name is Zuzanna Wojnarowicz and I am a breast cancer warrior NOT worrier! I was diagnosed March 2018 and was told it was stage 4. I was the walking bill of health and in the best shape of my life. Until I injured my hip flexor at the gym. Thus my journey started. The shocking diagnosis flipped my entire life upside down and tried taking a hold of my absolutely everything . But I did not let it! I fought every single day with a positive mindset at all times. It was hard. But it was definitely worth it! The cancer metastasized to my liver and hip, and I lost the ability to walk. Not for long though! I went through radiation and chemo but ended up going to natural holistic medicine. Best decision of my life, literally. Each day/week I accomplished goals, such as crossing the porch (I could not even lift my leg to do that because the cancer ate through my hip bone), pushing a door open, dressing myself, walking. I fought through the lack of energy and chronic fatigue and I came back with a TKO. The best thing about my alternative cancer treatments is that there are no side effects. I am nearing the end of my battle and would love to help and hear anyone who needs advice/has questions :) Thank you very much and keep on fighting!!!