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Cancerbro - How I kept myself motivated during my cancer journey
AmD Ovarian Cancer
Posted on Nov. 16, 2018, 11:48 a.m.
How I kept myself motivated during my cancer journey
My story is in the intro. I use daily affirmations. I practice meditation and square breathing, …but most of all, I listened to a lot of music and hung out with my furbabies. ( I have no children) I really tried to focus mostly on how I ” must try everything fairly so I know I did enough…” when I didn’t think I could take any more transfusions, shots, dialysis, poked and prodding….I just had to keep pushing myself. Daily. When I started to get better I tried to stand up ( I was fully dependant on a wheel chair) and I would shake and curse and cry….but I would stand….and standing turned into walking with my walker and walking turned into flirting with the gym….now I try to go 5 days a week. I’m struggling now more than ever with the fear of it coming back so I stay home more…. Here I practice various arts and crafts to keep my mind occupied. I watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube LOL. I have permanent polyneuropathy in both feet and legs to my knees….but my hands were spared. I push through pain and try to remind myself that I am fierce inside and too nosey about the future to cash in just yet. You can do anything, 10 seconds at a time. ♡