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Cancerbro - Hii Everyone! Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma survivor here. Happy to chat to anyone about any queries
AmD Ovarian Cancer
Posted on Nov. 14, 2018, 7:03 a.m.
Hii Everyone! Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma survivor here. Happy to chat to anyone about any queries
Hi, I’m Amber. Dx @ 30 with stage iv ovarian. They found it randomly November 2016. I went in for a check up due to fullness and I was afraid I was constipated. I had worked the morning of my news and left about 30 minutes early to see a MD at our local walk in. I laughed on my way there while on the phone with my mother that I felt too young to be dealing with constipation of all things, ( no disrespect to anyone struggling with bowel habits ♡) to which she laughed and reminded me of what to come when I was 60. Ironically, little did we know…. So the M.D. at my local walk in sent me straight to the ER for a CT of my abdomen, he didn’t hear any bowel sounds. I swung by my house and picked up my partner on my way, we cracked a few more inappropriate jokes about my bathroom issues to lighten the fear that I may indeed have a blockage or another serious medical need. At the ER they did my CT and 6 hours later I walked out with a cancer diagnosis and a referral to a better equipped hospital near by with a cancer center. I was told it appeared my peretenium was full of tumors. That was 11/17/16. On 11/22/16 after further testing, scans, labs, and a biopsy it was confirmed I had stage 4 metastatic HGSC in my liver, lung, and peretenium. I started chemo Dec 2016. It’s been quite the ride, I had a hysterectomy August 2017 and they found residual cells so I started chemo again after only a 6 week break to recover from surgery. I was fortunate to hear the words ” no new evidence of cancer growth” December 9th 2017. I kept taking chemo ( switched from iv to orally) for ” maintenance” therapy to slow recurrence odds until November 1st 2018. I’m struggling mentally. I’m scared daily. I want terribly to trust this body again, but I feel as though it was invaded and tried to kill me. I feel a shit ton of remorse for being scared, like I should be grateful always and I’m continuously pressured to say how great I am instead of how scared I am. I have a therapist and a Dx of PTSD now. The words ” I’m fine, everything is great now, yes God is amazing” are on constant repeat in public so I hide in my house mostly to avoid the awkwardness. I am so grateful. I am so so thankful to still be here when others are not. I’m insanely humbled, but I’m scared. So that’s my story….