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Vsype Colon Cancer
Posted on Jan. 11, 2019, 10:04 p.m.
Here is my background of colon cancer in chronological order
Hello. My name is Victoria, I was diagnosed at 29. I’m married with one child and live in New Mexico. Here is my background in chronological order. 8/17/17: Hospitalized for large bowel obstruction 9/1/17: Colonoscopy 9/8/17: Diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer of Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma 9/18/17: Started Folfox 12/13/17: Had Hipec Surgery 1/16/18: Ct Scan revealed cancer is still present in body 1/23/18: Resume Folfox treatment and Avastin 4/17/18: Last chemo treatment 4/24/18: Hospitalized for small bowel obstruction 5/1/18: Was supposed to begin chemo maintenance, Xeloda, but paused because of being hospitalized 5/15/18: Ct Scan 5/21/18: Colonoscopy 5/25/18: I’m found to be NED! 9/24/18: Ct Scan, cancer has returned in my liver. 9/27/18: Hipec surgeon disagrees with radiology impression. 10/10/18: Oncologist prefers conservative route and recommends chemotherapy. Also has me apply to a clinical trial. 10/24/18: Start FOLFIRI treatment and avastin, only made the controlled side of trial thus no additional drug. 12/17/18: Ct scan reveals cancer reduced 3% 12/27/18: Surgeon still is not convinced its cancer. His opinion is it is scar tissue from his work on my diaphragm that lays on the liver. 1/2/19: 6th cycle of treatment Thanks.