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Cancerbro - Frustration during Recovery
OnePinkZebra Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Posted on May 9, 2019, 5:01 p.m.
Frustration during Recovery
The other day I left a store in tears. I was attempting a small trip to a big chain store to pick up a few items. I was just released from the hospital a week ago, but was cleared to drive so this was one of my maiden voyages. Since I had to go alone ( single mom), I picked a store that I thought was safe, friendly associates, easy to manuever the scooter around in, no huge lines, and carried the odd assortment of things I needed. A friendly associate grabbed an electric scooter for me when I first got there since they were not right in front. In the middle of the store the scooter kept shutting off. I stopped an associate to ask for assistance, and he laughed at me and told me I should "go get a scooter that is charged" and walked away. I was embarrassed, frustrated and most importantly stranded. I struggled my way to the the front of the store with no assistance from ANY of the associates I passed and didn't even get the things went in for. What I want to vent about is not the store and their issues, I have spoken to corporate and hopefully they will improve their training, and I have no more energy for that anyway. I want to vent about my frustrations about this return to "normal" process. I got diagnosed when I was 40, pretty young for the type of cancer I have according to my oncologist ( hence my nickname) , so all the judgemental looks I get when Muggles ( those people unfamiliar with invisible illness) see me, someone without visible disabilities riding a scooter, or parked in handicap parking. I also think this time I'm struggling with survivor's guilt, because all I can think about is how unfair it is that I survived 4 times and some of my friends with beautiful familes and kids didn't even survive thier first fight. I'm grateful!!!! I definitely didn't want to leave my baby alone, but what about the other moms who felt the same way...