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kklim Thyroid Cancer
Posted on July 12, 2019, 8:16 p.m.
Fighting cancer and fire!
Hi everyone. This is my first time being diagnosed with cancer, and my story is very humbling. I am a single female, 26 years old. I recently graduated from my diploma program in Forest and Natural Resources. I had being going through the application process of becoming a Wildfire Fighter for the government, and prior to attending their bootcamp I was required to submit a doctor's form stating I was "fit" for work. Upon this appointment, my doctor found a large lump in my neck in which I had been insensitive to for maybe years. The next day I was sent for ultrasounds, ECG, and a fine needle biopsy. The day after that I left for a 12 day physical bootcamp. 7 days into my training, I received a weary phone call that implied I needed to return home as the tumour had been tested malignant. I proceeded with getting a job with wildfire, fighting fires all over the province until my surgery date. Two weeks ago I had a right lobectomy done on my thyroid, and I go for a follow up appointment today. This journey has empowered me rather than set me back. I'm a strong believer that our souls are bigger than us, and we are capable of unthinkable achievements even under the toughest of circumstances. Being diagnosed with cancer is not a reason to stop living your life. I continue to fight wildfires and cancer, simultaneously!