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Cancerbro - Diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkin’s lymphoma. Took my family a lot to pull me out of depression
Machanna90 Lymphoma
Posted on Jan. 3, 2019, 11:56 a.m.
Diagnosed with stage 3 hodgkin’s lymphoma. Took my family a lot to pull me out of depression
Hi everyone I’m Mackenzie I’m 22 years old I was diagnosed in 2017 with hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 3 so I was only 20 years old, I was scared. I don’t know what to think,or what to do, I was only 20, they asked my boyfriend at the time, if you planned on marrying me, he looked me right in the eyes I’m here with her through sickness and health, I will marry her. I Go through chemo, sick tired, not hungry, only wanted to sleep, I was allergic to my chemo, at first I yelled at my mom, because my throat felt like it was burning when I simply ate jello. I don’t know know what to do, so I got really depressed not being able to go to work anymore. Took my family a lot to pull me out of that depression, Cancer really sucks. It took my 21st birthday from me. I had to do chemo on my 21st, most people are out drinking, I was out doing chemo. December of 2017, I was told there is nothing more I could do, I want to Michigan to get a second opinion and they let my boyfriend and I out of the room, and they kept my parents inside, told my parents to prepare my funeral because I wasn’t gonna see valentine’s day, my parents really didn’t say much they took me to dinner, let me eat a bunch of pizza. I got to do everything that I shouldnt really have been doing, but they never once told me what’s going on. They made it sound like everything was ok I got a little a head of myself when I was diagnosed, my parents also went through a nasty divorce. On top of my diagnosis, my parents also split up, which is ok, I guess I saw it coming, I just wish my parents were whole or split up but could put they’re differences aside since I was hurting. Now, I know, I told you guys, I wasn’t supposed to be here obviously I am and February of last year, I was a miracle, I was put in remission. Again,I sprung March 2017 I had to do open heart surgery, the mass was so big, it pushed on my heart and caused 300 CCS of fluid. I could have had a massive heart attack if I had not gone to the hospital. I did 3 hours long hours of open heart surgery.that being said On the 27th of December of last year, obviously, I got my port out because I was told the Cancer is family and I have never been more happy sorry this is so long I didn’t realize how much I had to say I’m glad i found a group of people, that understand what I was going through,well what I am going through I’m here for anybody who needs me, I always have an ear to listen and a virtual shoulder to cry on. God bless you all, I can’t wait to talk to you, thank you for listening well reading I guess ❤❤ ~Mackenzie cancer winner