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Cancerbro - Diagnosed with diffuse (grade 2) Astrocytoma
JustJen Brain Cancer
Posted on Aug. 17, 2018, 10:40 p.m.
Diagnosed with diffuse (grade 2) Astrocytoma
Before I was diagnosed I suddenly started having long, painful headaches unlike anything I had previously experienced. I was very nauseous and had to miss work quite a bit. I went to my primary care and at first he thought they were migraines but when I came back a week later with the same problem he suggested an MRI. I got the scan and there was “something” in my brain that wasn’t enhancing definitely enough to call it a tumor. We spent 6 weeks with a neurologist chasing down other possibilities before coming back to the idea that it was a tumor. My neurosurgeon asked if I would like a biopsy but I declined and opted for a resection. I had the surgery and my tissue had to be sent to Johns Hopkins for further examination. It came back as a diffuse (grade 2) astrocytoma.