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Dawn25 Colon Cancer
Posted on April 17, 2019, 8:23 p.m.
Colon brain and lung cancer
Hi my name is Crystal and about six months ago I lost my father to colon cancer. I never imagined in my young life I would lose him. Not long after my dad was diagnosed my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. (Parents are separated) well both my parents fought hard for about two years. Monday April 8th my mother lost her battle to cancer. The cancer had spread to her brain and just took over. Now me and my brother and my half brother are left so broken hearted. I've taken both deaths pretty well. I'm 28 and very lost on how to keep moving in life without them. How do you tell your five year old son his best friend (my mom) is no longer with us. How can I be Happy for people getting married if I myself will never have my parents be there for that?! I'm hoping I can get to the help and support I need here.