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Scotty McCoy Brain Cancer
Posted on May 10, 2019, 1:14 a.m.
Christ Defeats Cancer
My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma (brain cancer) on September 13, 2016 and the next morning on September 14, 2016, he had emergency brain surgery. Two days after surgery, he sustained a stroke to which he was not supposed to survive but he miraculously did. My uncle saw a vision of Jesus' hand go inside my dad's brain and pinching to stop the bleeding of the brain. He told us this prior to the results of his second MRI post-stroke. My dad, in a coma, woke up the next day after we received the results of the secondary MRI, which showed no signs of a stroke, yet he had the physical ailments on the left side with temporary paralysis, and some of the cancer cells lit up on the prior MRI weren't lit up on the secondary MRI. His neurosurgeon told my mom and I that he is nothing less than a miracle and nothing more than a survivor because science cannot explain why two MRI's are showing different results regarding the stroke and why he is awake. He had the physical ailments, but it showed differently in the brain itself on the MRI results. With a lifespan of less than 16 months, my dad has been going on for almost 36 and counting. Please purchase my book for my dad's journey if you seek hope or inspiration. It is titled "Christ Defeats Cancer" by Scotty McCoy. My dad's neurosurgeon also wrote the foreword to the book. It is available on Amazon or you can request a personalized autographed copy from myself by sending me a message to my Facebook fan page at On June 1, 2019, a sequel will be released titled "Christ Defeats Cancer 2: The Battle Continues", also by Scotty McCoy, and contains a foreword by his current neurologist, Dr. Gatson. It is a more in-depth look into what Glioblastoma is, my dad's continued journey dealing with it and any setbacks he has had, and a more spiritual approach from my family that has helped us thrive through this long 2 1/2 year journey and counting, which has given us and everyone who reads it hope. The first book has helped people that are both Christians and non-Christians with all different types of cancers, not just brain cancer, and they thank me for giving them a story to inspire them to fight and hope for a good outcome during the fight. My main reasoning for the book isn't to make money, although I have to make money and a living for myself and my family, but to just inspire hope to all who have cancer or a family member who suffers from it. Remember, just because you are given a death sentence, doesn't mean a miracle won't happen like it has with my dad. My dad always says he was given a death sentence, but he doesn't believe it's a death sentence, but it is a life sentence. My ultimate goal is to give those struggling with cancer (whether its with themselves or a loved one) the hope they need to keep fighting and to never give up.