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Kayblackburn Lymphoma
Posted on June 16, 2019, 10:05 p.m.
Beating the Odds.... YOU CAN TOO!
Hello All! My name is Kay. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Follicular NHL in October 2016. After 5 rounds of Bendamustine and Rituxan, the cancer transformed from nonaggressive to very rare and aggressive Double Hit Lymphoma. I changed treatment centers, and chemo regimens (EPOCH-R) and even did a round of IVAC-R which was harsh. The tumors shrank, but were not going away and since I wasn't a good candidate for a bone marrow transplant, I was fortunate enough to get into a CAR-T cell therapy clinical trial in September 2017. I was really hoping for a complete response which about 30% of patients were achieving, but alas, after 28 days (the time in which they know whether the treatment is effective or not), the cancer was exactly the same. I went home depressed and defeated with hopes that at a future date, the technology of future trials would offer me a solution. However, after much prayer and the support of a friend (who is an angel and a cancer survivor herself), she encouraged me to go vegan, juice, and dive into ways to heal myself through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes. I am happy to report that this disease has been stable now (off conventional treatment) for over 18 months. My doctor is shocked and I am beating the odds. He even told me that out of 43 patients that he is tracking, I am the ONLY one who isn't progressing...and that is through diet, prayer, and lifestyle. I cannot stress how important it is to overload your body with nutrition. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM needs support and I wouldn't be here today without the education support of Chris Wark (, William Li (who has a Ted Talk on YouTube and book "Eat to Beat Disease"), Ty Bollinger (, Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Diet), and Bill Henderson (, and the Budwig Protocol ( My recommendation is to dive into nutrition, stop eating processed sugar, meat, dairy, and processed foods, and take control of your health. Most doctors/oncologists will not tell you much about nutrition so you have to educate yourself. If you want to read more about my store... check out my blog: . Best of luck to all of you! Release the fear, and take back control of your health. I give God the credit for how things have changed for me and I know it is my mission to share this with others.