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Cancerbro - Adenocarcinoma Diagnosis in December, excellent scan results as of 7/11/19!
BillH Esophageal Cancer
Posted on July 13, 2019, 1:11 a.m.
Adenocarcinoma Diagnosis in December, excellent scan results as of 7/11/19!
Greetings all, I am new to this group, but have been involved with the battle for the last seven months. A quick list of the specifics: I'm a seventy-five year old male in fairly good physical shape. I was about twenty-five pounds overweight at the time of my diagnosis on Pearl Harbor Day last December. The additional weight proved almost critical to my survival as between December and the second week in February I lost over fifty pounds to the disease. CT and a subsequent PET scan revealed a 7 cm tumor at the base of my esophagus which had almost entirely occluded the opening to my stomach. Four lymph nodes at various locations in my upper body, including one adjacent to my aorta were also discovered. It was quickly determined that because of the lymph node locations I would not be a candidate for surgery, I was referred to a local hospital for radiation and to my clinic for chemo. I completed five of six scheduled rounds of chemo, and twenty-six radiation sessions by early February this year. The recovery from simultaneous chemo and radiation was brutal. I was hospitalized three times for various reasons during the course of treatment and nearly succumbed to complications from the last two chemo sessions and chronic dehydration. The insertion of a feeding tube, adjustment of medication and daily attempts at re-hydration over a two week period proved successful and I began a slow recovery in March. The radiation treatments worked very well, and I was able to move from total reliance on the tube feed by mid-April as the inflammation and swelling at the site of the tumor began to subside. My esophagus remains about half occluded, but with an adjusted diet and great care while eating I was able to completely end the tube feed about four weeks ago. My condition has improved remarkably since I have been able to eat almost normally. The great news I have to share occurred yesterday afternoon. I had a long scheduled second PET scan on Monday of this week. I met with my Radiation Oncologist yesterday. I was informed that the tumor in my esophagus and the four lymph nodes were now completely clear of cancer. I do have one new tumor at a new location, the base of my pelvis. This is a bone tumor less than 2 cm diameter. I was told that tumors of this type are somewhat common. I am now scheduled for three more closely targeted radiation sessions on consecutive days the week after next. My doctor is quite confident that this radiation will also be successful. I am now committed to new scans every three months for whatever life I have remaining. I realize I will be playing whack-a-mole with this damn disease, but am incredibly grateful to simply be alive at this point, Wishing everyone here similar results as you move through your individual battles with this disease. Good luck and God Bless each of you and your support teams.