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Posted on Aug. 25, 2019, 10:12 a.m.
My father was diagnosed in 2013 with grade 2 glioblastoma. He has had 2 surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and just recently finished a round of proton therapy. As of December 2018 t... read more
Posted on Aug. 23, 2019, 2:07 a.m.
Hi guys .... my dad was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma in January. He’s 72 ... this time last year he was swimming, playing tennis and doing gigs with his country western band in Spain .. wher... read more
Posted on Aug. 9, 2019, 6:37 p.m.
Being surrounded by cancer for 16 years has taught me a lot. The main thing it taught me? Is that there is no such thing as good cancer, bad cancer or worse cancer. There are less aggressive and mo... read more
Posted on Aug. 9, 2019, 11:08 a.m.
Posted on Aug. 4, 2019, 6:46 p.m.
I was diagnosed in 2015 with an inoperable brainstem glioma. I had to have surgery to correct the hydrocephalus that the tumor was causing. I had an ETV to create fluid flow around the tumor. I’ve... read more
Posted on July 31, 2019, 9:50 a.m.
So, my daughter had a brain tumor at the age of 4, she is now 20. Hers was a cerebellar astrocytoma. We were fortunate in that they were able to resect it with no need for radiation or chemo follow... read more
Posted on July 17, 2019, 10:59 p.m.
Hello all - This is my first post on this app. I wish CancerBro was around when I was first diagnosed in 2002! It was a scary, lonely world back then. Its encouraging seeing so many folks connectin... read more
Posted on July 15, 2019, 5:57 p.m.
I am recovering from my brain surgery, I didn’t know what was more scarey the thought of going completely blind, or remaining with a life threatening illness. It turns out after surgery my heart an... read more
Posted on July 15, 2019, 10:58 a.m.
Looking to connect with someone who knows or have a child with leptomeningeal disease (LMD) or leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.
Posted on July 10, 2019, 10:35 a.m.
New here! Diagnosed June 2019 a few weeks ago. I had a seizure and was taken by an ambulance to the ER where scans revealed a tumor that effects my right side motor function. Biopsy turned into a... read more

Welcome to our Brain Cancer Forum and Support Group

The CancerBro Brain Cancer discussion forum is an online support group for anyone dealing with cancerous or non cancerous brain tumor. We offer a safe, secure, and friendly place where you can ask any questions or concerns related to brain cancer. Get support here if you have been diagnosed with brain tumor, or if you are looking for information or suggestion for a family member or friend. 

You can easily connect with others cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Our community members support each other by sharing their experiences, words of kindness and wisdom.

About Brain Cancer:

Brain cancer occurs when malignant cells are formed in the brain. According to American Cancer Society, in 2019 about 23,820 malignant tumors of the brain or spinal cord will be diagnosed in the United States. 

Join our brain cancer forum and support group to connect with other brain cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. 

Types of brain cancer:

  1. Acoustic Neuroma: It develops in the cells that form a protective sheath around nerve fibers.

  2. Astrocytoma: This type of brain cancer starts in glial cells in the cerebrum called astrocytes.

  3. Chordoma: It is a rare type of brain cancer which can start anywhere along the spine, from the base of the skull to the tailbone.
  4. CNS Lymphoma: It is a rare non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in which malignant cells form in the brain and/or spinal cord.
  5. Craniopharyngioma: It is a rare type of noncancerous or benign brain tumor which starts near the pituitary gland in the brain.
  6. Medulloblastoma: It is a cancerous brain tumor in which malignant cells are formed in the base region of the skull called posterior fossa.
  7. Meningioma: This tumor develops on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

  8. Oligodendroglioma: Type of giloma which starts from oligodendrocytes of the brain or from a glial precursor cell.

Community Guidelines:

  1. If you are new to the community, then please introduce yourself to other members. In the Introduction post - you can share about your diagnosis, any experience or story, and what you expect from the support group. 
  2. If you want to stay anonymous, then please do not share any personal information anywhere in the website. You can read more about your privacy controls here
  3. Be kind to others and any use of foul or abusive language is strictly prohibited. 
  4. Do not spam the community with self promotional posts. 
  5. Do not spam other community members with excessive friend requests and personal messages. 
  6. Do not consider any information in the forum as medical opinion.

Read other community guidelines and terms and conditions here