Content Reuse Policy

We welcome hospitals, healthcare professionals, organizations, bloggers, or anyone working to spread cancer awareness to reuse our content which is available in multiple formats on our website.

Our infographics and videos on various topics on major cancer types from risk factors, symptoms to its diagnosis, staging, and treatment can help you better educate your audience.

Please take permission from us before reusing the content so as to avoid technical glitches.

Do note that CancerBro holds the copyright of all content on our website.

Please follow these guidelines for content reusage.

Reuse of text [Content Syndication]

Our text content includes Information Articles on 24 cancer types [Breast, Brain, Thyroid, Lymphoma, Head & Neck, etc.] reviewed by oncologists. You can republish these information articles partially or fully on your website. Make sure that you add the tag to our original content.

Please contact us before syndicating the content so that we can guide you properly to avoid technical glitches.

Do note that we don’t allow our content under Stories of Hope to be republished or redistributed in any physical or digital format.

Reuse of infographics

We have included our infographics with our Information Articles. In order to use our Infographics, you can upload them on your website and link to our original content. Also, you have to credit us as this “Credit: CancerBro”.

Reuse of videos

We have hosted all our videos on our YouTube channel which you can embed on your website. Do note that you also have to credit us with a text link below the embedded
You can’t edit and redistribute our content to other platforms/websites without our permission.

Reuse of CancerBro logo and Trademark:

The CancerBro Logo and Trademark can only be used in reproductions of original, wholly unchanged CancerBro content.

Content prohibited for reuse:

You can’t reuse any content under “Survivor Stories” and content which is generated by the users, which include their posts on support communities/forums, News Feed/Squad, and any other information shared by them on the website.

Content available for reuse

Read our Terms & Conditions to know more about content authentication & updation policies.

Read our Privacy Policy.

For queries write to us at [email protected]